Benenden Church of England Primary School

Forest School


At Benenden Primary School we have long had a vision to incorporate some aspect of outdoor learning into our school curriculum. We are currently located in a gorgeous village in Kent, with beautiful surroundings. We are a school whose facilities have been limited in the past but have recently been fortunate to move to a new school building. Due to our past, this means we are already experts at using our environment to develop the children’s learning.

We have been running Forest School since 2017 and through the help of our parents and the community we have raised the funds and have set ourselves up with the equipment we and resources we need. 

We have been fortunate to be lent a piece of land by a grandparent of the school. Pullington Fold Farm is a beautiful farm with woodland around the outside. It is owned by the grandparent of one of our children who is very keen for the land to be used and enjoyed by us. Having come from a background with working with children and their health she is a supporter of our project. We will continue to apply a ‘no trace’ policy to our practice ensuring everything is tidied away to our sheds and we even have our own compost drop toilet!

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