Benenden Church of England Primary School

PTFA Projects

We are thrilled that phase one of the wellbeing garden project is complete. We are now planning on phase 2 and planting the garden this winter. 

Wellbeing garden phase 1



This summer the PTFA completed phase 1 of our well-being garden project, creating an enchanted and beautiful space for the children to emerse themselves in nature within the grounds of the school. A place to sit quietly with friends away from the classroom or the bustling playground and have moment of peace, mindfulness and watch the wildlife flourish. We plan to create an enclosed wooodland of natives such as; silver birch, hazel, hornbeam and field maple creating the backdrop for a mix of native and non-native woodland edge loving perennials, including spurge, cow parsley and goat beard. The transition to open meadow will be created by a mix of sun loving plants such as; tufted hair grasses, moor grass and colour from a mix including; persicaria, verbena, rudbeckia and sedums. With a water feature and seating area for the children to sit and watch the wildlife that stops by, the garden will enrich the children's learning, giving them the opportunity to help plant and maintain the grounds as well as offering a space for extra curricular learning.