Benenden Church of England Primary School


In brief...

We have four Houses in our school. Each child joins a House when they start school in Reception Class and siblings are put into the same House.  Each House has two captains from Year 6.

There is also a Head Boy (Finley Brook) and Head Girl (Lori Gurr).

In more detail...

The House name, motto and colour of each House are shown below:




Brilliant Blues

Briiliant Blues are the best. They always win the treasure. Even though they like to win - they do it for the pleasure.


Glorious Greens

God save our Glorious Green. God save our Holy Greens. God save our Greens. Happy & Glorious. Great & Victorious. Long to reign over us. God save our Greens.


Raging Reds

We are red, we are ready, we are ready to do our best. We are the Raging Reds!


United Yellow

United Yellow, the best in the crowd. United Yellow, they'll do us proud.


Powerful Purple

We're so powerful. We're perfect. We're pure purples. We are the best.  We're better than the rest - GO PURPLES!