Benenden Church of England Primary School

How do we run Forest School?

All children  participate in sessions that are underpinned by the Forest School principles with our Level 3 Forest School practitioner

We run 2, 2 hour sessions every Thursday, which means all classes receive multiple sessions throughout the year. Our new site is a short drive down the road from school and therefore we are going to be taking full advantage of our new minibus to ferry the children there and back.

We have two locations for Forest School as shown in the video below. We use one in the winter months as it is easy to access and near a pathway out. In the summer months we adventure further into the woodland to a gorgeous site with a waterfall and stream to play in.

Forest School Timetable 21-22

Term 1 Term 3 Term 5
09/09/21 Year 5 06/01/22 Year 3 Year 5 21/04/22 Year R
16/09/21 Year 3 13/06/22 Year 3 Year 5 28/04/22 Year 1
23/09/21 Year 4 20/01/22 Year 3 Year 5 05/05/22 Year 1
30/09/21 Year 6 27/01/22 Year 3 Year 5 12/05/22 No FS
07/10/21 No FS 03/02/22 Year 3 Year 2 19/05/22 Year 2
14/10/21 Year 2 10/02/22 Year 4 Year 2 26/05/22 Year 2
21/10/21 Year 1          
Term 2 Term 4 Term 6
04/11/21 Year R Year 6 24/02/22 Year 4 Year 2 09/06/22 Year 3
11/11/21 Year R Year 6 03/03/22 Year 4 Year 2 16/06/22 Year 3
18/11/21 Year R Year 6 10/03/22 Year 4 Year 2 23/06/22 Year 4
25/11/21 Year 1 Year 6 17/03/22 Year 4 Year R 30/06/22 Year 4
02/12/21 Year 1 Year 6 24/03/22 Year 1 Year R 07/07/22 Year 5
09/12/21 Year 1 Year 5 31/03/22 Year 1 Year R 14/07/22 Year 6
16/12/21 No FS          21/07/22  No FS



We have put together a permission form that needs to be completed by all parents for every child (individually) before they can attend Forest School sessions. It is very easy and online so it should only take you a matter of minutes but is vital for your child to be able to attend.


As we approach the colder seasons I’d like to remind you of the clothing requirements for Forest Schools. Please ensure your child has enough layers for the weather conditions. Please make sure all clothing is named.

During winter months:

  • Warm trousers

  • Long sleeve top

  • Warm jumper

  • Waterproof coat

  • Hat, Gloves and Scarf

  • Thick socks

  • Outdoor shoes/wellies

During warmer months:

  • Trousers

  • Top

  • Jumper

  • Raincoat

  • Sunhat

  • Thick socks

  • Outdoor shoes /wellies

  • Water

This year your child will need to come into school wearing their Forest School clothes. Additional items such as thick socks, hats, gloves and scarf will need to be packed in a small backpack which they can wear on their backs, leaving the child handsfree to help prevent trips and falls. As you know, we will provide the children with waterproof trousers for each session but please make sure they have a suitable, waterproof jacket whatever the weather! In the unlikely event that your child does get wet or muddy at Forest School, please provide spare clothes for them to hang on their peg on the first week of forest school to stay there for the duration in case they are needed - these will then be sent home when they have completed their block of sessions.