Benenden Church of England Primary School


In School

Within the school day, children are provided with a variety of opportunities to monitor and express how they are feeling.  This includes feelings charts in the classroom that are monitored by staff - providing the children with opportunities to talk.  Each class is following the Happymind programme where the children learn more about how the mind works and strategies linked to emotional wellbeing, such as breathing techniques.  The school uses a ‘Trackit light’ system, which primarily rewards positive behaviour throughout the day, but also enables the teacher and SLT to monitor whether there are any behaviours that may indicate that the child is emotionally struggling, and to provide further support.

Should a child need a little more support at any point, the school offers:

  • A named trusted adult to touch base and check on the child

  • Access to the Hedgehog room at lunchtimes to discuss problems or to have access to a safe, calm space.

  • A ‘drawing & talking’ intervention using trained TA’s. 

  • Play therapy with our trained Play Therapist

Counselling through the Fegans Charity

Resources to Support Mental Health 

Emotional Wellbeing - Reframe the Behaviour

Acknowledging anxiety and not supporting anxiety 

We have put together a range of resources to support parents with children who are experience anxiety for various reasons 

Anxiety Toolkit

We have created this e-book for you to refer to. It's full of advice, strategies and support available both in school as well as external website links and support group

The Anxiety Toolkit - A Guide for Parents and Carers

 5 Simple Strategies for Managing Anxiety (Pookie Knightsmith)

 Helping your child with anxiety information pack (1 Decision)

The Little Book of Managing Stress & Anxiety

50 Ways to take a break

Parent Support -  Wellbeing Toolkit for Parents (The Education People)

Helping parents and carers to support children's emotional wellbeing in times of uncertainty.

This is a recorded webinar and costs £20 + VAT.

The aims of this session are:

  • To provide you with a safe space to pause and reflect on your own emotional needs and the needs of your child.
  • Explore the possible impact that the pandemic has had on your family.
  • Gain an understanding on how to protect mental health and wellbeing in challenging times.
  • Take away top tips for helping your child thrive through resilience.
  • Start to build your own family wellbeing toolkit

Parent Support Webinars