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Barn Owls' Intended Learning week 4/5/21

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 4th May 2021

The week in short... And it is a short week... parent consultations Tuesday and Thursday, PE Wednesday, book bags back by Wednesday, judo with James Friday. Have a good week!!

Literacy, language and communication.

Monster Phonics this week revisits the Gingerbread Man fairy tale. We are reading the story together and learning to sound out words like 'growl' 'thump' 'hunt' 'groan 'creep' and 'munch'. We will be practising our sounds, here is the link if you need a refresher Also revisiting high frequency flashcards, again here is the link if you need it Miss Ayers will be teaching some phonics groups and is helping the children to draw a story map of the Gingerbread Man. She is also looking at writing lists and instructions which will lead to a shopping list and jam sandwich construction on Friday....

Reading book folders to be back Tuesday/Wedneday to come home on Thursday. Please do listen to your reader frequently, the children really do benefit from frequent rereading. Not only does it build up their sight vocabulary of known words but helps to fix them in their brain to improve writing skills too. We are really building up the children's have a go mindset in literacy this term and practice makes possibility!

Understanding of the world

Our project this term is 'Grow, Wriggle and jiggle.' We are learning about lifecycles and growing lots of seeds for the garden, our sunflowers are already in awaiting a bit of warmth...Our tadpoles are very wriggly but no legs yet...Caterpillars and duck eggs are on order, we will soon have our own zoo, much wriggling and jiggling... The children are very interested in minibeasts, a lot of activity time is spent hunting for little creatures in the garden. We have bought some new bug pots to contain them, we found a green shield (stink) bug last week, woohoo...We are going to plant bean seeds next week so if you haven't sent in a pasta sauce jar yet, please do asap. Thank you!


Our fabulous Star of the Week this week is Bailey, he has tried so hard with his 'have a go' writing, well done Bailey! The raffle ticket prize winner was Freya, well deserved, another hard worker . Our character building skill this term is 'courage' , Marianne won the courage award for really trying hard with her thinking writing. We are encouraging the children to really go for it, like Mrs Roberts with her sky dive. Barn Owls mantra has always been 'we're rough and we're tough, we can do lots of stuff' and this is especially true as we beginning to encourage resilience and independence for transition to Year One. Our wellbeing project 'My Happy Mind' is helping us to 'Meet our Brain' and learn resilience and growth mindset. Marie Donoghue shared the link for the parent app, do let me know if you have difficulties accessing it as I have the parent pack downloaded if you need it.

Expressive arts and design

Thank you for all the top quality junk modelling supplies, we have had some amazing inventions already. We have also had a brand new set of (incredibly expensive-thank you PTA) wooden construction blocks delivered which have already been used to create some amazing role play settings; unicorn/princess castles, dino den, the list will be endless... We are building up our role play resources again. If you have any hats/bags/helmets or suitable dressing up clothes, we would be very grateful. We are continuing to make up stories and use our imagination; our core story this week is the Gingerbread Man

Physical development

 Mrs Mileham is teaching stick and ball skills this term, the children will need to come to school with PE kit and trainers this Wednesday.  We will be doing our mile run every day so if you would like your Barn Owl to run in trainers they can be left in school. Do make sure they are named though please, ditto wellingtons and school shoes to help with independent changing. 


Power Maths continues to reinforce numbers up to ten. We are learning pairs of numbers eg 4+4=. 5+3= and the number bonds of ten. Number recall is a very important part of our and we spend a lot of time on mental maths, working out these pairs so if you have a moment in the car, it's agood one to practise.