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Barnowls week 5/10/20

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 5th October 2020

This week we are learning more about our Monster friends in Monster Phonics land. We have met Angry A, Yellow I and Tricky Witch, we will be painting their pictures to go in our writing corner and learning a few more of their words, this week...mmmm, dddddd and gggggg (not guh or geee!) and on, am, up and was. We are learning about our busy body and all the things it can do, naming body parts and learning about our 5 senses. Library books will come home with a couple of readers to enjoy together. Barnowls are enjoying lots of stories together especially Hairy Maclary  stories (of course) and anything by Julia Donaldson (because she's fab!) we love to choose our favourite to read each day. Barnowls are also practising how to use a speaking voice when describing what they have built or invented and good listening ears by paying attention to what our friends say.

Understanding of the world

We continue to learn about ourselves and our amazing bodies and our very own superpowers. We are also learning about our families and so would appreciate a family photograph, do email it to me to save your ink or send a copy if it's precious as we will be keeping them for a display in our reflection corner. Have a chat to your little Barnowl about family members and belonging to help them enrich their store of useful words. We have also been learning about the sudden change in seasons and what Autumn can bring, have a look around the environment, we are collecting conkers, acorns and pinecones, what can you find?


Congratulations to this week's Stars of the Week, Leo and Sienna for being kind, helpful team players...We are busy making new friends and learning their names this week. We are taking time to get to know each other and remember Barnowl's special rule of 'kind hands'. We have also learned 'please stop' if somebody is doing something we are not happy or comfortable with. Barnowls are very good at 'teamwork', helping each other and making jobs easier to do such as tidy up time and lunch time, that's how we earn Golden Time on Fridays! Mrs Colquhoun has been exploring the concept of belonging this week in circle time and has been finding out an amazing special fact about everyone, something which makes them unique...

Expressive arts and design

We are investigating found materials this week such as conkers, acorns, Autumn leaves, cones and twigs, do bring them in if you find any on your woodland walks. We will be mixing Autumn colours to use some of these found materials to paint and print too. We are also beginning to collect recycled resources such as boxes, rolls, corks and pots to start junk modelling. These of course now have to be quarantined for 72 hours so we shall be collecting and putting the materials to one side for use later in the week. We have had some amazing models created this week, a washing machine, a steam boat, and a little house with shiny blue windows to name a few.

Physical development

We are beginning our Beam programme which will help to highlight where we need to support gross and fine motor skills. This is through a sequence of different movements whch also require listening skill, co ordination and focus to achieve. This week we have practised log rolls, table and bridge shapes and learned a game called 'Jelly beans'. Ask your Barnowl how to play!


Our maths scheme is Power Maths and we shall be meeting Flo and Dexter who help us investigate numbers and develop problem solving skills. We will be counting some of the natural resources we have found, using the scales to weigh and compare, sort small and big, long and short, light and heavy. We are concentrating on numbers up to 5 and will be singing '5little ducks' and 'five naughty monkeys'. We will be writing the numerals and counting groups, encouraging careful counting, drawing sets of these numbers and investigating one more. We have been running around the playground to hunt down numbers and counting out cards to match the numbers to.