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Barnowls week 8/3/21

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 8th March 2021
Literacy, language and communication.

A big welcome back, we are especially excited about this term's themes of 'Castles and Dragons', lots of fairytales and story telling to be enjoyed! This week we will be catching up with everyone's lockdown news. Lots of circle times to find out what the funtimes were -we will all have something to share and it's important that all our voices are heard. We will all have different Homeschool experiences too so time will be taken this week and next to assess where we all are; to extend new skills and revisit the others. This week's sound is 'igh' as in knight and fright which will tie in nicely with our theme. Our Monster Phonics focus this week is on Rapunzel, another fairytale princess to add to the collection. We will be changing reading books once a week as in Term 2 (after they have been quarantined) so book folders back by Wednesday please and new books will come home on Friday. 

Understanding of the world

We will be looking at non fiction books this week to find out a little bit more about life in medieval times and compare it with now; discussing what came before electricity and modern transport etc. The facts we have learned about castles and castle life will be added to the online castle book in production. If you have any photos of visits to castles, we can upload them via Tapestry or email if you prefer. We will also be thinking about our families in the run up to Mothers Day and chatting about family customs, what we enjoy doing at home or out with our famalams.


Our Star of the Week is Miley this week, many congratulations to her for all her hard work. We will be taking time this week to settle everyone back down into Barn Owl routines, getting on with each other and working on our class rules and expectations. Lots of chats about staying safe and healthy with Covid in mind. Our handwashing routines were nicely established pre Lockdown 3, we will be remembering to sneeze into a tissue and wash our hands after nose blowing. 

Expressive arts and design

Barn Owls will be doing some secret stuff with Mothers Day in mind next week, flowers and hearts and lovely neat writing, just what us mums like... We will be adding to the portraits in class, seeing ourselves as Kings and Queens and painting us in our finery. In music we will listen to some royal music, 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba'  and have a look at some royal portraits from history...

Physical development

Mrs Mileham is back! Yay! PE will be every Wednesday this term so do come dressed in PE kit with trackybots/leggings and trainers. We will be doing our mile run every day so if you would like your Barn Owl to run in trainers they can be left in school. Do make sure they are named though please, ditto wellingtons and school shoes to help with independent changing. 


Power Maths continues to reinforce 6,7 and 8. We shall look at counting out totals, number pairs for each number and counting beyond 10 and back again. Maths topic is money and we shall set up a 'snack bar' in role play to investigate coins and totals to 10.