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Barnowls week 9/11/20

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 9th November 2020


We welcome Megan Hart, our lovely PGCE Student Teacher on her block teaching practice from Christchurch. Megan will be with us until February and we are already loving all the extra help and brilliant ideas which she brings with her!

1) Don't forget to send Nativity costumes in, we are missing a few! Clearly named in a named plastic bag, please. Choose between angel, sheep or shepherd. We need to make sure that the children will be warm, they will be wearing wellies but not coats so they will need several layers, long sleeved shirts, vests, jumpers please with tights and leggings or warm trousers and socks to keep children cosy, we will be outside approximately 2.5 hours in the woods while filming takes place.

2) We are learning 'Away in a Manger' so if you are singing in the car or bath, it's a good one to start!

3) The PTFA Christmas online shop closes on Tuesday so you have 48 hours to get your order in. We worked so hard on our snowman pictures, I hope you love the design as much as we do. It will look lovely on cards and mugs and we earn £1 per item ordered so thank you for your kind investments!

4) Due to popular demand, we are trialling having reading books at home for the weekend when people are less pressured. Can book folders come in on Monday/Tuesday this week please, we will endeavour to quarantine, change and return on Thursday ready for the weekend. Hope this is better for all.


This week we are learning how to read and write 'h' and 'b', learning 'went' and 'to' in high frequency words and continuing to hear the initial sounds in words when we are writing them. We continue to practise letter formation and  thinking writing every day. Our theme this term is 'People who help us' and we are thinking about the people who help us in the community. Normally we would invite parents in  professions such as vet/nurse/farmer to visit but restrictions on visitors at the moment rule this out. If you are able to come in when cirumstances change, do please let Mrs T know, we had a doctor, nurse and farmer visit last year and would love to welcome parents in as soon as we are able. Miss Hart will be encouraging children to draw their favourite dinner on a plate and label their food, lovely to hear how many ways the children pronounce 'spaghetti'!


Understanding of the world

We enjoyed our Autumn walk up to the Glebe field and collecting sticks, the magic wands were really something, weren't they? We are looking at the changes which occur in the Autumn and documenting the weather daily. We have finished the leaf printing project and they are up on the wall, looking very Autumnal! This week we celebrate the Hindu festival of Divali, learning the story of Ramu and Sita and making some little Diva lamps to decorate. We are also adding the sparkle to our firework pictures... It is also Armistice Day on Wednesday, we will be learning about the special importance of this day and keeping the 2 minute silence at 11am.


Congratulations to this week's Stars of the Week, Lottie and Bailey for being kind, helpful team players and especially good friends...Also Charlie for winning the raffle ticket book token this week, well done all! This week we are thinking about new challenges and experiences and how to embrace change. Our stories will be about trying new things and not being afraid of making mistakes, that's when learning takes place! And the fun!

Expressive arts and design

Thank you for all the lovely ribbon, tinsel , glitter and shiny things which arrived to help make our magic wands, they were a triumph and such fun. This term is an especially colourful and sparkly term, this week we are using cardboard cylinders to make 3d firework shapes and metallic paint to design firework patterns. We are beginning to make our Diva pots, little lamps with airdry clay which will be decorated and will arrive home in time for Christmas, oops, yes, it's that time of year! We will also be using some Autumnal leaves, acorns, twigs etc to make some Divali mandalas.

Physical development

PE will begin properly this week on Friday, we will wear our PE kits in to school please so PE Tshirts and tracky bots to be worn, our theme is gymnastics and we will be using the benches, stools and beams to practise balance and travelling. Fine motor control activities such as cutting skills and construction games will strengthen those muscles and help hand-eye co ordination.


Maths in Early Years is very practical. Lots of time spent sorting, making patterns, finding groups, comparing size and length. This week we will be making repeating patterns using shapes and colours.