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Barnowls week one 14/9/20

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 14th September 2020

We are exploring 'Here we are' this week by Oliver Jeffers. This is a text which the whole school are using as part of a healing curriculum. We are enjoying sharing it together, learning about our beautiful world and learning new vocabulary such as globe, planet, ocean and of course all our body parts too. We already have a display up in the cloakroom and intend to put a whole school display up in the hall.

Understanding of the world

We have used Oliver Jeffers book to learn good vocabulary to talk about our planet. We shall also be learning about all the different people in the world and celebrating the sameness and difference.


We are busy making new riends and learning their names this week. We are taking time to get to know each other and remember Barnowl's special rule of 'kind hands'. We have also learned 'please stop' if somebody is doing something we are not happy or comfortable with.

Expressive arts and design

We will explore lots of different media this week, especially playdough, paint sticks and squeezy foam. We will use the paints to create a self portrait to add to the hall display of 'Here we are'

Physical development

We are beginning our Beam programme which will help to highlight where we need to support gross and fine motor skills. This is through a sequence of different movements whch also require listening skill, co ordination and focus to achieve.


Counting, counting everywhere, apples for snack, cups for milk, ten little ladybirds in our story, we are enjoying pre number skills, especially in games, puzzles and counting activities.