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Barn Owls' Intended Learning week 17/5/21

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 17th May 2021

It's a caterpillar and duck egg sort of week, hurray!! We'd love some more junk modelling resources as always

You have  a letter detailing Mrs Gray's fundraising sponsored danceathon to support the PTFA, this will be held next Monday (17th) when the children may wear home clothes to add some extra sparkle to the occasion.

This week in short..., home clothes for the danceathon on Monday, PE kit on Wednesday, book bags back by Wednesday, judo with James Friday. Have a good week!!


Literacy, language and communication.

We loved listening to the Gingerbread Man story with Miss Ayers and thoroughly enjoyed all the fun activities she organised. I hope you enjoyed looking at the storybooks the children made! We have also begun to write our own little storybooks too and it is lovely to give my teacher's chair to whichever Barn Owl has written a story for us, beginning of course with 'Once upon a time' as all good stories do... Cherries and Mangoes have really taken on board how to write a sentence with finger spaces, Apples and Berries are concentrating on sounding words out to get the right sounds in each word. We will be practising our sounds, here is the link if you need a refresher Also revisiting high frequency flashcards, again here is the link if you need it Miss Ayers will be teaching some phonics groups and is helping the children to write a sentence about the story, this week she is teaching 'The Little Red Hen' who needs help to make some bread, we will be making bread rolls on Friday, tasty!

Reading book folders to be back Tuesday/Wedneday to come home on Thursday. Please do listen to your reader frequently, the children really do benefit from frequent rereading. Not only does it build up their sight vocabulary of known words but helps to fix them in their brain to improve writing skills too. We are really building up the children's have a go mindset in literacy this term and practice makes possibility!

Understanding of the world

Our project this term is 'Grow, Wriggle and jiggle.' Our zoo is growing; we have froglets, the first of which have been rehomed this weekend, our sunflowers are gradually coming home too, they will love all this rain...Tomorrow our caterpillars arrive and we can watch their amazing transformation into butterflies. Our incubator with duck eggs arrives on Tuesday afternoon and so i guess the rest of the week will be waiting for the happy event...we will of course keep you posted, watch Tapestry for details! Our ducklings are staying for ten days so we will all have a chance to hold them and watch their antics.We have planted most of our bean seeds but if you haven't sent in a pasta sauce jar yet, there is still time. Ww are hoping to grow a bean wigwam for the summer.


Our fabulous Star of the Week this week is Phoebe Gardner who wrote an amazing news report about the tadpole she brought in, congratulations Phoebe, well deserved! Well done Theo for winning the PTFA 'big effort' book token. PSHE was targetted this week reminding everyone about the importance of kind hands, really listening to our friends and thinking of others. My Happy Mind activities this week also help to strengthen this mindset, the characters in the story help each other and the breathing activities, 'happy breathing for a positive start to the day' and 'happy breathing for kindness' support this learning. Don't forget all these exercises are available on the 'My Happy Mind' parents' app or Barn Owls can teach you, we are now experts on finger breathing and use it to calm ourselves down after a busy lunchtime.

Expressive arts and design

We are gradually building up our role play resources. Thank you for all the amazing hats, bags and fascinators sent in this week, we have had a fab time dressing up, a feathery fascinator makes anything more fun we found...the children have really enjoyed the range of hats and helmets which are adding a boost to role play. We have also mixed up pastel paints and painted some spring pictures, lots of rain and rainbows featured....This week we have spring themed playdough activities to look forward to and some spring potato printing, can't wait. We are also enjoying the open ended play with the new wood blocks from the PTFA fund. We have had a racing car, a castle and dinoworld to enjoy this week but the new tarpaulins also enable big dens to be built, big enough for me.

Physical development

Hotshotz tennis with Bradley on Friday was awesome. He arranged lots of games which taught ball skills to Barn Owls, it was all just at their level and he was able to engage the whole class with these activities. Look out for his email with details if you would like to sign up for the Hotshotz club. PE is on Wednesday with Mrs Mileham this week, so PE kit and TRAINERS/PLIMSOLS for Wednesday please as it will be out on the Glebe field again, rainstorms permitting. Mrs Mileham is teaching stick and ball skills this half term.


Power Maths continues to reinforce numbers up to ten. We have begun to find all the pairs of ten with our fingers, numicon, beads and shapes, pair bonds is a great 5 minute activity in the car if you have a moment. We will also be learning '5 little ducks went swimming one day...' I hope our ducklings enjoy the song. Keep practising writing numbers, they are tricky little things for small fingers. There are also lots of counting apps which help with this and Numberblocks on CBBC is a fun program with its own app too.