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Barnowls week 19/10/20

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 19th October 2020

This week we are learning more about our Monster friends in Monster Phonics land. We have met Angry A, Yellow I and Tricky Witch and Green Froggy, we will be meeting Cool Blue, the coolest monster and learning his 'oo' sound. and learning a few more of their sounds, this week...e, u and rrrr and mum, dad, went and to. If you would like to enjoy the monsters at home, use this Youtube link and singalong;

We are getting ready for a spooky Halloween by enjoying some witchy stories like Winnie the Witch, Meg and Mog, Funnybones and Pumpkin soup. We will be collecting spooky words and writing our own magic spells. What would you magic up?

Library books and early readers will come home tomorrow. Do keep them during the holiday if you like, I'm afarid we won't have time to change books on Friday, it takes half a day to do!

The children will be bringing their free book pack from the Book Trust home on Friday and there are links to lots of activities to enjoy on their site if you fancy a quiet five minutes; lots of stories to listen to here including our very own Hairy Maclary!


Understanding of the world

We continue to learn about ourselves and our amazing bodies and our very own superpowers. We are also learning about our families and so would appreciate a family photograph, do email it to me to save your ink or send a copy if it's precious as we will be keeping them for a display in our reflection corner. We still have one or two missing photos, if you haven't emailed yours in yet there is still time. We have really enjoyed listening to big speaking voices chatting about their family and what's best about their family, usually hugs we found... Have a chat to your little Barnowl about family members and belonging to help them enrich their store of useful words. We have also been learning about the sudden change in seasons and what Autumn can bring, having a look around the environment, we are collecting conkers, acorns and pinecones, what can you find?


Congratulations to this week's Stars of the Week, Ivy and Lucy for being kind, helpful team players and especially good friends...Also Ethan for winning the raffle ticket book token this week, well done all! This week, we are thinking about belonging to our wider community and chatting about the clubs and activities we do outside of school. We are also busy helping the PTFA by making a Christmas design which you may purchase online in the form of cards, gifts and mugs, all ideal Christmas presents and helping to raise funds for our children.

Expressive arts and design

We are looking at the changes which Autumn brings this week, taking a walk to the Glebe field to look at Autumn colour and collect some leaves, sticks and bark for our collection in class. We will be using the sticks to create magic wands so look out...the magic is real in Barnowls class. We would love any extra tinsel, ribbon and shiny stuff to make our wands extra special if you have some to spare, thanks in advance.

Physical development

We have finished the first section of the Beam programme and are generally very proficient in jumps, log rolls, side kneeling and curls. We will be moving on to hops and skipping in the next section with added step balances. PE lessons will begin properly after half term, can we ask that everyone practises dressing and undressing independently over half term. Sometimes it's something simple like a polo shirt rather than button down shirt that makes all the difference on a Friday! PE shorts and white T shirt in their blue bag, clearly named can come in whenever you are ready please.


We have been counting, sorting and making groups of numbers up to 5, including drawing groups in our workbooks and sorting objects, This is something which you can reinforce at home, lots of colours, shapes and patterns to talk about, remembering to touch each object as you count and say the number name ensures that we find the correct total. Autumn is an ideal time to collect sticks (longer, shorter, thic and thin) to compare and leaves to sort (wavy, prickly, shiny, crunchy, red) mathematical concepts which underpin our teaching of maths.