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Barnowls week 29/3/21

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 29th March 2021

The week in short... Judo taster and first aid course on Tuesday, PE kits on Wednesday, endangered animal costumes in return for a suggested £1 donation to the WWF on Thursday, term finishes Thursday at the normal time, phewee...Enjoy the Easter Break!

Literacy, language and communication.

These next two weeks will find our Monster Phonics friends sharing The Frog Prince fairytale. We will use this as a stimulus for writing our own fairytales and drawing storymaps to help us talk about what happens next. The sounds we are learning this week are 'ure' 'ear' and 'oi' . We did some thinking writing last week about being king or queen for a day and the independent writing is coming along. The Early Learning Goal requires the children to write an independent sentence using their phonic skills by the end of the summer term so we are practising lots of sounding out or 'have a go writing' as I call it.  The children's confidence is growing daily with lots of encouragement! This week we are full on Easter excitement so lots of writing opportunities in cards, news and holiday plans.

Understanding of the world

Understanding the World this week will focus a little more on the changes in the environment which come with Spring. Our tadpoles are nicely settled and a source of great interest. We have booked our visit to the lambs at the beginning of next term, following DfE guidance, covid precautions and undertaking the relevant risk assessments, hurray! We are hoping to do our Spring expedition too hopefully this week, details to follow. Mrs Brook has also kindly booked us into the First Aid for EYFS workshop so we are eagerly looking forward to that too...


Our fabulous Star of the Week this week is Woody, he has been 'on fire' this week, putting great effort into everything he does. The raffle ticket prize winner was Tabbi, well deserved, another hard worker and Evie has been awarded the week's compassion prize for helping her friend out by fetching a sound card to assist with some tricky sounds, thanks Evie. Evie said it was helping because 'that's what Barn Owls do' and she's right, it's good to help each other...

Expressive arts and design

Our royal portrait gallery is finished, the final touches to crowns, robes and sparkly bits has been done, the photos will be on Tapestry as soon as I get a minute but they do look awesome....

Junk modelling continues to be very popular, would you mind saving some quality bits and bobs over the Easter break to feed the demand, there should be lots of good Easter boxes and shiny paper available, TIA!

Physical development

 On Tuesday morning we have a short judo taster session, nothing to do with the first aid workshop in the afternoon! PE will be  Wednesday this week (as we are not in school on Friday!) so do come dressed in PE kit with trackybots/leggings and trainers. We will be outside in the lovely sunshine, exploring Mrs Mileham's stick and ball skills lesson from last week which was oodles of fun. We will be doing our mile run every day so if you would like your Barn Owl to run in trainers they can be left in school. Do make sure they are named though please, ditto wellingtons and school shoes to help with independent changing. 


Power Maths continues to reinforce 6,7 and 8. We shall look at counting out totals, number pairs for each number and counting beyond 10 and back again. We are finding out about the 'part/whole' model, learning how to share a number into two parts to find pairs and totals. Maths topic is money and we shall set up a 'snack bar' in role play to investigate coins and totals to 10. We have trained up our shop keepers this way and they are keeping an eye on the pennies...