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Barnowls week 30/11/20

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 30th November 2020


1)Don't forget to return reading folders on Monday/ Tuesday please, this has been well received and is certainly less pressured for us too while covid restictions mean everything has to be quarantined.If you do want to keep books longer, don't worry, this is fine, we will just change the ones we have.


2) Keep practising Away in a Manger, we need some very big voices.


3) Do send raffle tickets back in a named envelope for the PTFA raffle draw so that we know who they are from, many thanks in advance for this. We are also very excited that the Christmas card and present delivery has arrived from Chamaeleon, the children worked very hard on the designs and the PTA worked hard on the organisation. We earn £1 from each order so many thanks for your kind participation.

4) It is Christmas jumper day on Friday 4th in return for a non perishable food item or bottle for the Christmas hampers raffle prizes, we are looking forward to lots of Christmas fun on Friday, can't wait!



Literacy, language and communication.

This week we are learning how to read and write phase 3 sounds 'v, w,j and x', learning 'can, yes, like, they and said' in high frequency words and continuing to hear the initial sounds in words when we are writing them. We continue to practise letter formation and  thinking writing every day. Our theme this term is 'People who help us' and we are thinking about the people who help us in the community. We are writing letters to Father Christmas this week, writing the first sound of some of the things we would like and remembering to say thank you.  We have set up a medical role play area and the children will be learning about what goes with the job in the medical profession. Lots of us have already enjoyed making up games here and had a go at writing out medical notes.

Understanding of the world

Our elf has been in quarantine for a whole week now, he can come out on Tuesday, I wonder if he will be naughty or nice? We love hearing about your home elves and what they get up to, toilet roll seems to feature quite heavily! We are learning the words and dances for our Christmas nativity film and can't wait to share it with you. We are also busy making lots of secret Christmas surprises, it's like Santa's workshop in Barn Owl class!


Congratulations to this week's Stars of the Week, Molly and Hannah for working so hard; well deserved certificates... This week we continue to build resilience and a have a go attitude by trying new things and developing a growth mindset. Mistakes are when learning happens and finding another way of doing something helps us succeed!

Expressive arts and design

Christmas is happening in Barn Owls class this week, Christmas trees, advent calendar, paper chains and salt dough decorations, christmas cards and presents all underway, we may come home sprinkled in glitter but it's all part of the fun! We are learning the words for our Nativity show and practising dance steps woo!

Physical development

PE theme this term is agility and balance. We are finding points (knees, elbows, feet and hands) to balance on and including this balance in our travels along the equipment. We are enjoying sharing our moves to give our friends ideas, hope you enjoy watching the pictures on Tapestry!


Maths in Early Years is very practical. Lots of time spent sorting, making patterns, finding groups, comparing size and length. This week we are continuing to reinforce numerals and groups to 5 and finding 1 less than.