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Welcome to Year 1 Cuckoos

Welcome to Year One, Cuckoo Class!

Welcome Year 1 Cuckoo Class! We take the first steps from the Early Years curriculum to the ever-so-slightly more formal National Curriculum. Although the learning in Key Stage 1 is more teacher led than in Reception, we don't forget about the benefits of play-based learning and atleast for Term 1 we will be putting a lot of Child-initiated play into our timetable.

Throughout the year we will be building on our skills we learnt in EYFS for all of our subjects. 

In Maths we follow the Power Maths scheme of learning and we will be encouraging learning through use of manipulatives, before moving to pictorial methods then onto more abstract and written methods.

In Literacy we will be heavily focusing on using our sounds to for words, before moving onto sentence structure whcih includes the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will be doing this on a range of topics and information types.

Alongside this, we use the Monster Phonics scheme to teach Phonics to the children. We will begin the year by revisiting the sounds we learnt in EYFS before going on to learn the new Year 1 sounds. These will lead to us having spellings every week...!

In Science we follow the Empiribox scheme which has a 2 year rolling cycle for KS1. The topics we cover this year are: Mixtures and Potions (Term 1&2), Plants and Trees (Term3&4) and Toys (Terms 5&6).

In Year 1 we cover the following topics:

Term 1 - Where's Wally - we look at the surrounding area and create maps!

Term 2 - Christmas Around the World - we compare Christmas around the world to how we celebrate it in England.

Term 3 - Dinosaurs - we look at our continents and find out where Dinosaurs lived as well as looking at how we know so much about dinosaurs!

Term 4 - Rumble in the Jungle - we compare life in the Jungle to here in England. 

Term 5 & 6 - Toy Story - we look at toys through the years and add these to a timeline.