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Welcome to Year 5 Swallows

Welcome to Swallows class!

Welcome back to school and we are all very excited to see our classrooms bustling and the school full of life again.  It has been a really long break since you have all been in the classroom so... we will be building back up our stamina in all subject areas over the first few days and weeks and getting into our school routine after a six month break, as well as reconnecting with friends and being in a different environment.  Make sure you have lots of healthy snacks too as there is no kitchen cupboard with snacks in the classroom like at home!  Remember learning takes place all the time and that children on average, to the age of 18, 86% of a child's time is spent out of school, and mainly at home, so please try not to worry about the time they have missed in school due to the recent Covid Lockdown they will all have been doing learning in one way or another. 

This term we have a History focus in Humanities, investigating Ancient Egypt, the rise and fall of pharaohs and the importance of the Nile. We will aim to make connections with other river dependent civilisations and previous learning to build the big picture of the past as well as looking at some of the Geographical aspects.  To support this, we are hoping to have a visit to the school too from an outside educational company- watch this space!

Our English work will use three main texts this term : Here We Are, Egyptian Cinderella and Secrets of a Sun King as well as extracts from other key Year 5 texts.  Reading continues to be the most important thing that you can support your child with at home and we will be sending home login details for GetEpic to support this too.  We will also be collating a list of our favourite books so please start thinking about what you are reading / have read recently and what can be shared with your friends.  We will be reading every day in class in a dedicated reading slot as well as building on our spelling, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills and developing our writing across different genres.

In maths,  we will be doing separate sessions on maths fluency where we will continue to build on the really important quick recall skills as well as following the whole school Power Maths programme that systematically covers the Y5 curriculum in a maths mastery model approach.  We will be working to try and make sure that we cover any gaps that children have in prior learning but please do get in touch if you think there is something your child really needs help with and I can help you support this too at home.

Our science topic this term will be looking at Sound and how it travels as well as looking at the aspects of speed, volume and distance. The children will be preparing and conducting investigations developing their science skills following the Empiribox programme. 

Our RE sessions shall be learning about the Christianity and exploring the question "What does it mean if God is Holy and Loving?"

Finally, the children continue to spend lots of time exploring outdoor learning, taking every opportunity to explore our local environment and making the most of the fantastic new facilities the school has to offer.

Forest school is being planned for the year too so please look out for more details as well as altered Collective Worship arrangements. It is hoped that we can continue with regular singing (in a safe way) and offer the planned trumpet and swimming lessons that year 5 normally benefit from.  Again, due to Covid restrictions, please look out for more information on this.  Thank you for your continued understanding and support with the ever changing requirements and guidelines.