Benenden Church of England Primary School


Ofsted Inspection
We are very proud of the outcome from our last Ofsted Inspection (December 2016) that judged us to be “Good” in all areas of the inspection framework.  Comments from the Inspectors include "Pupils are polite and well-mannered. They are welcoming to visitors, holding doors open and enquiring if they could help inspectors find their way to classes. Parents agree that their children are happy, safe and well looked after in school."

One parent commented, "My son has blossomed into a confident boy at this school." Another wrote that her children had been "nurtured, loved and taught to be confident, achieving happy children they are today." 

"Relationships between pupils and their teachers is good. Pupils want to do well and work hard. They have positive attitudes to learning and know that their opinions and efforts are valued." 

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