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In brief...

Schools write Policies to document their approach to specific areas of focus, such as Attendance or Behaviour.  Well written policies are focused on continuous improvement and document what the school is working on to improve the outcome for children.  Some policies are Statutory which means we have to have them in place by law and the others are determined by the school.  

Statement of Intent

It is the school’s intention to be wholly inclusive and supportive of all children regardless of any special educational need, disability or disadvantage to ensure that every child makes progress in their learning towards realising their potential.  We will endeavour to do our best, and to make all reasonable adjustments within our power, to meet each child’s personal learning needs and to ensure that children with special educational needs, disabilities or disadvantage make progress in their learning that is in line with children without.

Attached below are all of our policies. We will be happy to provide paper copies of any information you find useful on the website free of charge.

Documents - Please click to open
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